West Coast Aviation have the resources and suppliers worldwide which enable us to provide an extremely efficient service to the MRO industry. As a company, we have the ability to handle any contingency, whether it is an AOG situation where the spares are required as soon as absolutely possible in order to depart an aircraft on time or a Routine Overhaul / Repair or Exchange. West Coast Aviation will collect the units from the facility, pack them accordingly, ship them to a repair facility, organise the customs clearance (Where Required), and route them back to the MRO in a fully serviceable condition, in the shortest possible tum around time. This allows the MRO the time to concentrate on the maintenance of the aircraft and in addition, West Coast Aviation can supply an update on all components on a daily basis thus enabling efficient planning and ensuring an on time departure.


West Coast Aviation have the technical knowledge to support an aircraft through a maintenance visit. We can support a multitude of aircraft through anything from an A Check right through to a full D Check or equivalent. In order to do this, we work with the Leasing Company and go through both the Aircraft Fitted Listing and the Aircraft Hard Time Listing and indeed any other special requirements the customer may have such as Service Bulletins, Airworthiness Directives etc. We will determine together, based on the contractual requirements what components need to be changed, whether it be:

* Outright Replacement or Exchange, (In the case of Life Limited Parts),
* Overhaul / Bench Check / Hydrostatic Testing / Repair etc.

In the majority of cases, where an aircraft is to be Delivered to a new customer, they will have certain specific requirements with regard to the Time Controlled Components. For instance, it would not be unusual for a Leasee to require 3,000 Flight Hours / 2,000 Flight Cycles or Twelve Months remaining to the next required maintenance action on all Time Controlled Components.