West Cost Aviation and Stratocal Ltd have joined forces to provide a world class calibration service with specialist capability for the Aviation Sector. Stratocal Ltd. is Accredited to ISO17025:2005 and Certified to ISO9001:2008 and ISO10012:2003

Onsite calibration

Stratocal has unique on-site capability. Our systems are designed to travel and we can offer on-site calibration at your facility. We use specialist transport equipment so that we can offer a comprehensive service on-site. Benefits of on-site calibration.

  • Reduces Equipment downtime
  • Extremely fast turnaround time
  • Equipment never leaves your facility
  • No shipping costs
  • Calibration takes place once/twice a year instead of being spread throughout the year
  • Items calibrated on-site with certificates also issued on-site
  • Reduce time lost and costs in retrieving , packing, shipping equipment


Range 0.005 lbf.ft to 2500 lbf.ftInstruments Torque Wrench, Torque Screw Drivers, Torque Gauges, Torque Tester, Torque Transducers

up to 400kN(90,000 lbs.f)Instruments Force Gauge – Analogue /Digital, Gram Gauges, Load Cells, Dynamometers, U-Type Force Gauge

Range -1bar to 700barInstruments Pressure Gauges Analogue/Digital, Vacuum Gauges Analogue/Digital, Absolute gauges Analogue/Digital, Pressure Transmitters/Transducers, Tyre Inflators, Tyre pressure check gauges

Range -10 µm to 600mmInstruments Calipers Vernier/Digital, External micrometer Vernier/Digital, Dial Gauges, Dial Test Indicators, Engineers Squares, Bevel Protractors, Height Gauges, Protractor/Inclinometer

Instruments Digital Multimeter. Bench Multimeter, Meggers, Oscilloscopes, Frequency Counters, Insulation tester, Loop and RCD Tester, Flash Testers, Simulators, Resistance Boxes

Range –up to 1300°C by simulation, up to 450°C systemInstruments Thermometers Hg in glass, Thermometers Digital, Temperature Controllers, Ovens, Autoclaves, Furnace, Freezers, Conditioning Chambers

Instruments Digital Weighing Scales, Balances

Instruments Flow meters to 5 SLPM

Crimp Tools
Instruments Hydraulic and Handheld, Tyco/Amp, Daniels, Raychem, Burndy, Thomas and Betts, Astro

Aviation Specific

Instruments Dynamometers, Crimp Tools, Cable Tensionmeters, Erichseen Load Cells, Airbus and Boeing Ground support test equipment eg.

  • Testbox Rudder/elevator PCU
  • Simulator Yaw damper
  • Firex T/S
  • Testbox Cutout switch stab trim control
  • Rigging Bar assy
  • Testbox Rudder PCU
  • Airplane Attitude Level
  • Protractor Assy thrust reverser
  • Wear Gauge power plug
  • Stall Warning T/S
  • Ground Fault Protection
  • AntiSkid Auto brake t/s
  • Flap Rigging beam
  • Rudder Pedal force check
  • AutoPilot T/S
  • Force Transducer control wheel steering
  • Measuring Equipment Brake pedal
  • Alignment Tool fuel SOV
  • Hotbonders